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Maturity Self Assessment

Research shows that transformed organizations are up to 2x as likely to exceed their revenue goals and up to 16x as likely to have made material progress on their digital transformation initiatives compared to other organizations.

This complimentary assessment shows where your organization ranks along with the IT Transformation maturity curve. Based on your results, you will see next steps recommended to accelerate your IT Transformation.

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Real-World Data for IT Decisions


Live Optics is a cloud based infrastructure planning and collaboration software tool. Live Optics’ hardware and platform agnostic ability to record workload characteristics, explore performance, and create simulations from various industry leading platforms is used thousands of times per day in over 60 countries to eliminate overspending, speed up decision making, and increase utility of investments.

Live Optics runs remotely and agentlessly to gather core requirements such as disk IO, throughput, capacity, memory and CPU utlization and produces and in-depth view of server workload and capacity requirements. With Live Optics, you can get a true sense of your current IT environment and identify areas for further optimization.



Save time and money by improving the efficiency of your virtual environment with VMware Operations Management solutions. Get a free 30-day evaluation of vRealize Operations ― the powerful analytics engine in vSphere with Operations Management ― and access your personalized Optimization Assessment Reports.


Understand how vSAN will save you time and money to address your storage needs and help validate vSAN’s benefits. Delivers a comprehensive analysis of your vSphere storage environment which includes:

  • Which VMs are a suitable candidate for vSAN
  • Sizing and Hardware recommendations
  • Estimated storage CAPEX and OPEX savings

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Ask us about how you can get the VMware Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA) to help you make better cost decisions as you migrate workloads to private and public clouds. It’s fast and easy. HCA provides cloud cost insights in less than 3 hours.